Friday, May 04, 2007

Great Day For Golfing.

What a beautiful day it was for golfing. This morning I met up with a long time friend of mine Robert Brierly also known as Bob Norman (golfing name). We went to Galesburg Augusta and golfed at Custer Green Golf Course which is owned by our Veterans. This was my first time out golfing this year and I was rather surprised I kept my score under 50 with the same ball through the entire game. I have to admit this is the first time in a long time I beat my golfing partner yet it was only by one stroke. We had a lot of good golf shots but, I know I need to work some on my short game and putting. After golfing we headed over to the Fort Custer National Cemetery and just walked around and caught up on life and shared stories. Then it was time for breakfast at the Sunnyside Restruant in Galesburg. I can't wait to get out on the golf course again and sharpen up my game.

On a side note I just want to say few things about Mr. Brierly. He used to be my Wednesday Night Teacher at Green Meadow Bible Baptist Church. I thank God for bringing special people like him into my life. Mr. Brierly and his wife has taught me so much and showed support and encouragement all through out my life. He is a dedicated family man and loves his Savior Jesus Christ and it shows in his daily walk of life. It is special people like Mr. Brierly that make this world a much better place.

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