Monday, May 07, 2007

Have you smiled today?

This is more on a personal note from me today and I wanted to share my thoughts with each and everyone of you. Have you smiled today? Have you smiled lately? When was the last time you smiled and realized it? I was at work last week walking in the hallway passing people like I do each and everyday. Several people smiled at me with-out even saying one word. I then realized *WOW* this is very contagious........ I SMILED RIGHT BACK. So the rest of the week everytime I passed somebody I just tried to smile and see what response I would get back. I would have to admit about 95% of the people smiled right back...... YES SMILING IS CONTAGIOUS and it feels great. Seriously take one look at this picture above and tell me that it didn't make you want to smile..... If you honestly can't smile than I think you need to re-evalute you perspective on life...... Life is too short to go around with a chip on your shoulder or bogged down all the time. JUST SMILE..... You just might give it to someone else and actually make a blessing out of their day ! ! !

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Auntie said...

What a cute little picture, it made me smile, but then you always make me smile. I love your Blogs, keep up the good work. Love you.