Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I can officially say I am back to resume my daily blogging. I took what most would consider a Sabbatical Leave! You may ask what does the word Sabbatical mean? Well let me clue you in on the meaning.

Sab·bat·i·cal [suh-bat-i-kuhl]
any extended period of leave from one's customary work, esp. for rest, to acquire new skills or training, etc.

The past month I had some things I needed to get my priority straight with. Mostly I needed a rest from the computer and get back to the reality of life. It amazes me how quick our society is moving in the technological era and how we can become so consumed with it. I love blogging and I love sharing my thoughts and different things with each and everyone of you although, I realize there a much more important things such as Family. My family comes first before anything and and everything. I owe them every single minute I can give them. So I am gonna attempt to get back into the blogging realm with the realization that I might not be here every single day. Or maybe I will combine a couple different blogs into one day. I also have cut way back on my emails. I found that I was spending way too much time with my emails. It amazes me how quick we can be consumed with things........ So I am back and I look forward to hearing from each and everyone of you. Take care and God Bless.


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