Monday, September 18, 2006

D - I - S - R - E - S - P - E - C - T

What is happening to our younger generation kids? Last Friday my wife and I attended the Comstock vs Paw Paw football game @ Paw Paw. Admission was $5.00 which is up in cost from years past. We payed our admission and took our seats in the visitor section next to a couple of senior citizens. The kick off came and went and all the students in the bleachers were standing. I thought that after the first "TOUCHDOWN" that the students would sit down so everyone could see. Well wrong I was in thinking such a thought. These kids stood up the entire time leaving the majority of the spectators viewing their rear-ends through-out the entire game. I politely asked the students if they would sit down so the rest of us could see the game action as did the senior citizens who were sitting next to us. These kid absolutely ingored anyone's and everyone's request and stood the entire game. They even went so far as to practically push spectators further down the bleachers to make room for other fellow students. I know a couple of us attempted to talk to the Comstock Athletic Director Fred Smith and explain the situation and he was just as "Disrespectful" as his students were. I guess that is were you can add "Attitude reflects Leadership".

My family decided that we were going to get the final word and we went and sat on the Home Teams side and watched the entire 2nd half of the game with a great group of Paw Paw fans. I give the Paw Paw fans "RESPECT" for accepting me as a Comstock Alumni to sit amongst them and cheer on my team with-out any rift/raft or ill feelings. My heart goes out to those two lovely senior citizens that stood their ground and sat amongst the "DISRESPECTFUL" students for the entire game. I know they probably didn't like it but, they were not going to give in.

After the game we stopped at Pizza Hut and once again encountered "Students" being so disrespectful to the staff and management team. They act like they are in their own little world and own and run anything and everything. I just don't understand why our younger generation feel the need to act the way they do. They park in handicapped parking, cut in line, destruct other peoples property.....ect..ect. I just don't understand. I feel it is vitally important for me to raise my son teaching him the morals of "RESPECT". How to address people with Yes Sir and Yes Ma'm, Please and Thank-you, your Welcome. How to hold the door for others, Thinking of others first. I feel that if I don't teach my son these types of things than myself as a parent have failed. I will have failed my son and society.


Aunt Gayle said...

You are so right. It is not just in Comstock, it is all over.
Kids these days are just didrespectful, and as you said, if the athletic director don't care, why would the students care?
I enjoy reading you my baby boy!!!

tamara said...

I could just not get over it. What will these kids be like after high school or after college?? When they are old enough and are working our world is going to be a totally different place.

Peggy said...

I also agree! My kids are FAR from perfect but I try to get them to be appropriate to their elders.
The problem w/ kids NOW days is that their parents don't care either!