Tuesday, September 12, 2006

These are for Real ! ! !

Well let me just say the reality just set in a couple a days ago when I actually had these tickets in hand. My wife and I are going to the Michigan vs Wisconsin game and the only thing stopping me is if the Lord takes me home to glory first. I just can't wait to step foot in THE BIG HOUSE AGAIN...... a place where 110,000+ people live on a given Saturday afternoon. And I have the keys two get in the door.......(two of them pictured up above.) This place is my Home away from Home ! ! So if your watching the game keep your eye out for me..... You can't miss the "BIG GUY" sitting 12 rows up in the endzone when the Wolverines score all them "TOUCHDOWNS" ! ! ! Can't you just feel the LOVE ! !


mjgregersen said...

Hey Coop, if Tamara gets sick that day let me know, or if you get sick. Either way i'm free.


tamara said...

You will need to forgive my husband. He has this weird idea that Michigan will win. We all know that Wisconsin won last year that they will win again this year.

Jayme, I won't get sick but if he does you will be the first one I call. LOL