Monday, September 18, 2006

Wolverine Conference Prep Football 9/15/06 Picks

WOW....... What a week we had in Wolverine Conference Football.This week I was4-1 with my only missed game being the Plainwell vs Vicksburg.We only have two undefeated teams left Comstock (4-0) and Dowagiac (4-0).These two teams sqaure off at Comstock High School this Friday @ 7p.m.I will give you my prediction now with Comstock Colts pulling off a "VICTORY" in a close scoring game.Those are my predictions and you can take it for what it's worth....LOL As always I will leave the final scores for last Fridays game below with the Home Teams in Bold and Caps.Also I have included their records in ( ) We will see you again next week...... so stay tuned.

Allegan(1-3) 6 vs DOWAGIAC(4-0) 42

Comstock(4-0) 42 vs PAW PAW(2-2) 7

OTSEGO(0-4) 0 vs Soth Haven(2-2) 47

PLAINWELL(1-3) 32 vs Vicksburg(0-4) 29

RICHLAND GULL LAKE(3-1) 0 vs Three Rivers(3-1) 38

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Peggy said...

Yeah........I took my kids to this Otsego game! It was WAY sad but I hear we need a new coach in a BAD way! Thanks for posting it to rub it in Brian! LOL