Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Well it all started back a couple of days ago, when Charter Communications gave me a phone call offering me their "Best" digital cable package with the 5M cable internet. Well I gave them a couple days and wanted to check the status of my offer that I accepted. say the least I got the ultimate run around.

1. I called the 1-888-GETCHARTER which is a bogus number. The actual number is 1-888-GETCHART. (GETCHARTER IS TO MANY CHARACTERS...yet the advertise it on their website.......go figure)

2. After calling several times I finally get through to an automated prompter. Please punch in your phone number (press #) Please verify the last 4 digits of your S.S #.....then I finally get a LIVE person and have to do all the verification again only to have them disconnect on me. Why do they want you to punch in all this information if they are going to ask you it again anyways?

3. I call back several times only to go through the automated prompter and get a busy signal.

4. I finally get through for the last time.... did the whole automated prompter.... enter phone number and last 4 digits of S.S#, Finally get a Live person and do all the verification again. Then she has the "guts" to tell me that she can't help me and needs to send out a technician...... Absolutely NOT..... I say ! ! ! ! So I waited another 30 minutes to speak with her supervisor and finally got somewhere.

I wasted half my evening just trying to get through to Charter Communications. When I finally got through for the last time I was not going to give up until "this" customer got served. Moral of the story........ be patient and be persistant you are the consumer paying for service. If you let them walk all over you then chances are they will 110%.

* Brian Steps off his Soap-Box *

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