Saturday, August 19, 2006


Last night on my way home from work,I made my usual cell phone call to my wife.... I told her I was on my way home and she was quick to detour me to stop at the store on the way home... So being the nice Husband I am her request was done. When I arrived home and walked in the house I was "SURPRISED" by my wife, son, parents, and some very good friends to celebrate a be-lated 30th Birthday! It was nice to sit around and fellowship and have a wonderful meal (walking Taco's) my favorite, with some yummy cake to top it off. I then was given some wonderful gag gifts as you can see them in the photo above. Lets just say the "Koala Bear" is a joke in itself. You will have to ask me about it sometime......(funny story). I had a great time and never expected this Surprise Party for one second. Good Work Sweetie..... I can honestly say you pulled this one off hook......line.......and sinker ! ! I LOVE YOU ! !

Thanks Everyone,

Brian Cooper

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Peggy said...

Awwwwwwww how sweet was THAT!
You SHOULD have invited me cuz I see you had walking tacos & I just told someone the other day that I had NEVER had those! LOL Im glad you had fun! I love you both!