Friday, August 18, 2006

Urgent Prayer Request for Cheyenne Caincross

I was just looking at the website for Cheyenne this morning and read the update for baby Cheyenne. I posted the news below and ask please for everyone to take a moment out of their day and remember this little girl and lift her up in prayer. THE POWER OF PRAYER IS REAL ! ! ! If you want to read more about Cheyenne Caincross you can click on her name to the side of this web page. She is battling with SandHoff Disease. My heart goes out to the Caincross Family ......May the Lord be with them and comfort them during this very difficult time. God Bless you Baby Cheyenne.... Keep fighting...


Brian, Tamara & Bryce Cooper

Kari took Cheyenne into the hospital last night and they have re-admitted her onto the Bone Marrow Unit. Her heart rate is way too high (200s), her breathing rate is elevated (80s) and she has now spiked a high fever. The echocardiogram yesterday confirmed that she has some fluid around her heart, so there are tests being done to see if that is the problem or if there is something else. The Intensive Care Unit was in her room doing an evaluation this morning to see whether or not she needs to be transferred to their care. Please pray for God to intervene and give us strength. Thank you.

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Peggy said...

Im passing the word Brian here @ work as well!
Thank you Brian for keeping us posted & for doing what your doing!
Your a good egg Charlie Brown!