Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Wizard of Oz Musical

Last night I took my wife to the Barn Theatre in Galesburg Augusta to see the Wizard of Oz! Tickets were $29.00 dollars a piece so I was hoping we would get our moneys worth.(Or should I say My parents money's worth this was a Birthday gift from them Thanks Mom and Dad!) Well let me just say the show was "Awesome". This was the first year in the Barn Theatre 61 years of productions of doing the Wizard of Oz. The director stated this was probably one of their hardest shows to do with props and special effects. We had great seats sitting only in the 4th row. All the of the people in the cast we GREAT....... My wife especially loved the munchkins...... you had to be their to understand. They followed the movie right to a tee...... with a few very humorous add ons here and there. And the girl that played "Dorthy" did a really good job singing "Over the Rainbow" which my wife was very surprised...... Because, she states no one can sing that song like Judy Garland..... and she admitted that the girl that played "Dorthy" did exceptionally well. So was the show really worth $29.00? I guess my answer would be that I would have paid that amount in a drop of a hat to see this show.... It really was worth it. There is so much more to tell but....... time is running out. Ask us about it sometime... I know Tamara would love to tell you all about it.


Tamara said...

This play was a BLAST!! I had such a great time. I would love to see it again and this time take our son. I SO encourge everyone to go see this play!!!

Thanks honey for taking me!!
I love you!

Peggy said...

How FUN! I love that movie!
I have NEVER been to there but would like to go sometime! Im glad you guys had a good time! :)