Sunday, October 01, 2006


Yesterday Sat Sept. 30th,2006 Bryce and I took a Father/Son trip to Flushing, MI to the 15th annual Harvest Fest. This is an event where thousands of youth gather together for a time of games, music, food, and as always a dynamic speaker Evangelist Tom Farrell. Even though the weather was mostly wet and dreary we still had a wonderful time. Bryce made a new friend with a boy name Kendell (sp?) who is only 2 months older than Bryce. These 2 boys really hit it off with each other and I think made what could be a lasting relationship. We are already trying to make time for them to get together again seeing how his new friend only lives in Climax-Scotts.

Bryce and I had a good day together. We played many different carnival type games in which he states the game with the dart gun was his favorite. He drove hi-tech radio controlled cars and loved swinging on the rope. He especially had fun chasing after these plastic balls that were dropped by the hundreds from the sky from an airplane that flew by. If you captured one of these balls you could cash them in for nothing other than a kids favorite...... CANDY. I caught one in mid-air for him and he was so delighted seeing how he got trappled by the crowd trying to retrieve some of the balls. He took it well and brushed himself off and tried again. This was just some great fun just spending time with my little guy. I consider myself the LUCKIEST GUY in the world to have such a wonderful son. "I LOVE YOU BRYCE JOHN COOPER!"

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Peggy said...

Your right you DO have a wonderful boy! Although Im sure that the wonderful Parents that he has is behind that WONDERFUL boy!