Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Happy 8th Year Anniversary

To my Dearest Wife~

I couldn't have lived till now,
if it wasn't for you.
I would have been so lost,
not knowing what to do.
You put me together,
only now can I see.
You make me what I am-
you complete me.
We`re two different halves;
put together, we`re one whole.
Every beat of my heart is yours;
everyday I pray for your soul.
It's just your smile I need to see,
when there`s no other remedy.
You put me together-
you complete me.
I`m too scared to let you go;
I never want to lose you.
If you weren't here with me,
I`d never know what to do.
All I feel now are joys;
all my sorrows are history.
What else can I say now?
It's because you complete me.


Your Husband


Rhonda Cooper said...

Happy Annivarsary
I've said it before and I'll say it
again.................Brian couldn't have done any better if he would have let me hand pick his wife for him. Tamara, you have been a wonderful addition to our family. After living so many years with all those guys I needed some additional female power.

tamara said...

Happy Annivarsary Honey!!
I cannot believe that it has been 8 years already. Where has the time gone. They say that time flys when you are having fun. I am proof that, that statement is true. The last 8 years have gone by fast, only because I have spent them with the one that I love! God brought us together in such a unique way that it would be foolish to say that he was not in it! It is easy to take people for granted and I pray that I never do that with you!! I love you with all my heart and trust that we will have many many more happy years together!! I love you!!


Peggy said...