Sunday, January 28, 2007

R.I.P Spider-Man

This evening we had to go through a tragic moment. We had to lay Spider-Man to Rest for good due to unrepairable body damage. Bryce said a few good parting words for Spider-Man and then buried him in the Trash (File 13) for his proper burial. I would have to admit Bryce let Spider-man go better then most 5 year olds would. May we never forget the fond memories that this toy brought into his childhood life. R.I.P SPIDER-MAN ! ! !


tamara said...

Bryce was so cute about letting Spider man go....he did it like a tropper!! It might have been easy because he has other toys to keep him busy. I love you peanut!!!


Peggy said...

You better buy that lil man a NEW Spider Man! Poor Bryce John! Aunt Peg loves you lil man!