Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I got an email with the information below this morning and I wanted to pass this information on to all my fellow family and friends. My Uncle who is a University of Michigan police officer verified that the information regarding your car registrations is in fact TRUE. I guess one of my biggest problems is that there are too many unwritten Laws. I think that each law abiding citizen should get a copy of the Laws for the county, township, city and state that they live in from the government. If they expect us to abide by their rules then we need to know what the rules are. Don't punish me for something I had know idea even existed. OK.... I will step of my soap-box now.


Make sure your car registration has been signed on the back to avoid
Paying a $125 fine if you're ever pulled over for anything. New
Legislation in Michigan.

At the Secretary of States office the customer service representative
Told me to please be sure that the registered owner of the vehicle
Signed the registration. She explained that if you are pulled over and
The back of your registration is not signed (even though it is valid),
You will be fined $125.00.

I was so stunned " I had to clarify: So, if I get pulled over, and even
Though my tags are valid, and the registration is in my possession BUT
It is not signed by the registered owner, I will be given a ticket for
$125.00?? She answered YES! Apparently, this is Michigan state
Legislature that has recently been put into effect.

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