Monday, February 05, 2007

Below Zero Temperature ! ! !

The last time I checked I live in Kalamazoo, MI.........."NOT"Northern Siberia ! ! The weather here has been below zero for a couple days now. I woke up this morning and as I was driving to work in my lovely Dodge Grand-Caravan Sport with 219,000+ miles the temp gage read -9 degrees. Then I tuned to a local radio station and they were reporting -15 degrees with a wind chill of -35 degrees. I am sorry to say folks but, that is absolutely freeeeeeeeeeeeezing ! ! I was amazed that my van even wanted to start. We had such an uneventful beginning to our winter with no sign of real snow until the later part of Jan. Now we have more snow than I ever cared for with a temperature that will make your pee freeze in mid-stream.......LOL So as I go to bed tonight I am gonna picture myself someplace warm....... Maybe Jamaica or Hawaii ! !


Rhonda Cooper said...

This is winter as I remember year after year after year as I was growing up..... that was before we ever heard of global warming! Yes Brian, your Momma really is getting old!

tamara said...

I feel like I am back in Wisconsin with this cold weather. On Sunday my Mom said that the straight temp was -20. When ever I start to think that it is cold here, I remember that my parents have it colder. However, they do not have any snow. Probably because it is too cold to snow and they do not have the help of Lake Michigan. LOL

Auntie said...

I am with you baby boy, some place warm!!! My best advice to you, is don't pee outside!!!!
I love you.