Saturday, February 03, 2007

On a cold Blizzard Day ! !

Believe it or not Tamara, Bryce and myself ventured out in the blizzard weather today. The worst part of driving was really just the blowing and freezing conditions. The snow was not really a factor if you ask me. We went to the Teacher's Center and bought a game called "quiddlers". Then my wife had an eye appointment at Pearle Vision in the Crossroads Mall and she bought new "Vogue" eye glasses and contacts. We then headed over to the new Texas Roadhouse for an early dinner. The food was sub-par and the service started out fast and gradually got slower and slower. We then stopped at Video Hits Plus and rented "Facing Giants" and "Marine" to watch tonight cuddled up in our cozy and warm home. My apologies for not posting on this site that past few days but...... Blogspot had an error on my account so I had to send them an email and have them correct the problem. Have a good weekend and stay safe and warm.

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