Sunday, February 04, 2007



Tonight is a big night for two teams that pretty much live right next door to each other (Chicago, Illinois and Indianapolis, Indiana) These teams will square off in Miami, FL tonight for a showdown to determine who is the Best of the Best.

Many are predicting the Chicago Bears to be the underdog because, their QB Rex Grossman is so unpredictable and they are relying on their Defense and Special Teams to win this game for them.

Then there is the Indianapolis Colts who are being led by Peyton Manning who is known for slinging that pig-skin down field and hitting key players like Dallas Clark(TE) and Marvin Harrison(WR) for big key plays.

I personally am pulling for the NFC Chicago Bears to win this game but, deep down inside I have my doubts. I say this because, if Indianapolis Colts can come back to beat Tom Brady and the Patriots after being down 21-3 then anything is possible for these Colts...... Maybe they have been playing reserve all season long to really pour it on during the SUPERBOWL.... Time will soon tell ! ! ! Good Luck to both teams and may the BEST TEAM WIN.

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